Discover Amazon products, track and shop for lower prices

7 March 2015 : by Xavi Esteve, Josep Gonzalez : at TrendLiker

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Revolutionize the way you shop on Amazon. Find the most interesting products on Amazon thanks to social curation by other users and tastemakers. Create collections to store your favorite products and TrendLiker will notify you when your items go on sale (10%, 20%, 30% and 50% discounts) so you can save a lot of money.

TrendLiker was originally a personal project from Xavi Esteve, a web designer that buys a lot of things on the Internet (specially on Amazon, you can find mostly everything in there). Last Christmas he was looking for gifts for his family and he couldn?t find nice products so he made a section in his blog with all his favorite articles and created a system that would notify you when their prices went down so he could save, sometimes, more than half their price. His friends loved the idea and they started adding their own favorite products and shopping at discounted prices. Since then, hundreds of users have created a cool community where people share cool stuff, see what other users are discovering online and save money together.

TrendLiker is completely free and made with a lot of love and care, for people like you and me, that enjoy finding out cool things and buying at low prices. Download the app and find a gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend, have a treat on yourself or to start tracking that thing you?ve always wanted but you?d rather wait until it is on sale.